How can The Clear Clinics and wax removal help?

Mar 19, 2024 | Ear Microsuction, Private, Treatments

In regards to surfers ear – as the ear canal is narrow, you are more likely to get up buildup of earwax that doesn’t clear itself naturally, causing reduced hearing (feeling of being under water muffled), feeling of ‘fullness or pressure’ or trapped water in the canal.

If water is trapped behind the wax, the likelihood of ear infections (swimmers ear) is increased significantly. It is advisable, that any buildup of wax is removed to prevent this from happening therefore regular check-ups and earwax removal is advisable. We are then also able to give you the recommended the best advise to keep this at bay!

In regards to swimmers ear – this will need to be addressed by a medical practitioner especially if you have any leakage or pain, however once the initial infection has been treated; you can be left with debris and dead skin cells that need to be removed to prevent future issues in regards to infection and blocked ears.

At 3 Way Physio, our team of Physiotherapists have differing specialities ensuring we are able to cover many conditions.

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