How do you know if you have a bad physical therapist?

Dec 10, 2023 | Physiotherapy, Treatments

If a physiotherapist is not working with you as you would expect there is often a breakdown in communication, it is rarely the abilities of the physiotherapist.  Both the client and the physio need to ensure they fully understand each other … the physio needs to understand what the clients symptoms are and their effects and what results the client is expecting.  The client needs to understand what the physio is expecting to achieve and the techniques that they will be using.

There is also a need to understand what the costs are and exactly what the expected outcomes are.

There are rare occasions where the physio is not working within their scope of practice, if this is the case then the client should report them to the CSP & HCPC.  Always discuss with the physio what their specialities are and the successes they have achieved with clients suffering with similar conditions.

At 3 Way Physio, our team of Physiotherapists have differing specialities ensuring we are able to cover many conditions.

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