Is the NHS physio good?

Dec 10, 2023 | NHS, Physiotherapy, Treatments

NHS physiotherapy is a great way to get free treatment for conditions that are allowed to be treated.  The practitioners themselves are well trained and carry out regular in service training.  They also have access to multidisciplinary teams to help with treatment.

However, there are often several limitations to physiotherapy treatment within the NHS, due to restrictions placed on them by the regional CCG (or ICB as they are now called).  These can include:

  1. Not all people qualify for treatment with the NHS
  2. Not all conditions can be treated under NHS guidelines
  3. NHS physiotherapists often do not have access to more specialist treatments isn’t always available, including acupuncture, shockwave therapy, 1:1 rehabilitation, hydrotherapy
  4. Number of NHS sessions available
  5. Speed of access to NHS physiotherapy

Physiotherapy centres like ours have a much greater ability to turn the limitations of the NHS system into positives for clients that are funding their own treatment or using private medical insurance.

At 3 Way Physio, our team of Physiotherapists have differing specialities ensuring we are able to cover many conditions.

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