What are the weaknesses of a physiotherapist?

Dec 10, 2023 | Physiotherapy

Pros of physiotherapy:

  1. Physiotherapists are regulated
  2. Great overview of physiology
  3. Can be successful at reducing the need for invasive surgery
  4. There are a wide a varied range of specialities
  5. Create a range of exercises specific to your condition and how your body responds.  Not like looking on YouTube!
  6. Private physiotherapy: quick and easy access to treatment
  7. Private physiotherapy: choosing convenient time for your treatment
  8. Private physiotherapy: no restrictions on number of sessions and frequency
  9. Private physiotherapy: excellent range of treatments – many of which are not available on the NHS
  10. NHS physiotherapy: ‘free’, well it is at the point of contact, but we should all remember that we pay our taxes for this service

Cons of physiotherapy:

  1. The healing process can take time
  2. The results will often depend on the willingness for you to put effort in as well.
  3. There is often the need to have several treatment sessions to attain the results you are after, this may include attending multiple sessions per week.
  4. Everyone reacts differently to treatments and has differences in their condition – no two people suffering with Plantar Fasciitis will have t
  5. he same pain, react to the treatment the same, etc., after all, no two humans are the same.  So, although not a con with physiotherapy per say it is a downside of all treatments.
  6. Private physiotherapy: isn’t free!
  7. NHS physiotherapy: lead time for treatment
  8. NHS physiotherapy: restrictions on times of sessions, numbers of sessions and types of treatment available

At 3 Way Physio, our team of Physiotherapists have differing specialities ensuring we are able to cover many conditions.

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